Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make friends through GirlCrew?

We believe the most rewarding friendships, happen offline. So when you join GirlCrew, it's easy to organise local get togethers. Browse the events in your local group, or post one if there are none that interest you or suit your schedule. If you'd prefer to get to know people a little bit online before you meet in person, introduce yourself with a post, comment on the event post you're interested in, or simply join in some of the chats and Lols on any post. You can also Msg someone if you just want to reach out 1-1.

What age is GirlCrew for?

Most GirlCrew members are in their late 20s and 30s, all members however must be over 18 years of age. We've had women upwards of 70 make friends through GirlCrew so you’re never too old! here.

How does it work?

In your Newsfeed, you’ll see posts and events from the Groups you follow. When you sign up, you’ll choose a city to follow and some topic groups to follow too. But you can go to Groups in the main menu at any time to follow or unfollow Groups. Just tap the star to do either. A pink star indicates you’re following it. Your newsfeed is ordered by most recently commented on, and most recent event to get a new attendee.

If you love the events another member posts, you follow them! In future changes to the app, you'll see more of the stuff from people you follow in your newsfeed.

When you click Events in the menu, you’ll see any upcoming events from the groups you follow.

Msgs brings you to your Message folder. From here you can read or send messages, 1-1 or to a group. Event Chats will also be here if you’ve clicked to attend any events.

Alerts are your notifications. You can adjust what you’re notified about from the menu in the top left of the app too.

How do I create an account?

Download the GirlCrew app from the App Store or Play Store and sign up with Facebook or email. Or Go to and click Sign In. Signing up with email requires account verification and can take longer. Some Facebook sign ups also require account verification.

Why do I need to verify my account?

We ask people to verify their identity to ensure the safety and security of the platform. There are number of different ways to do this. It helps us minimize everything from catfishing and trolling to spam and bots.

Do I have to use my real name?

Yes. As GirlCrew is set up to meet people in real life, offline, and begin friendships, we find that people are more comfortable, at ease and friendly knowing the real name and face attached to the online profile.

How much does GirlCrew cost?

The GirlCrew app is free to join and use. If you're attending events with costs you'll just have to pay for those.


There isn't a GirlCrew group for my area!

We suggest you join the one nearest to you, and post an event for your area in that group! We're sure there will be others nearby or who might love the opportunity for a day trip. You can also submit a request for your city from the top left menu in the app.

How do I find and follow more groups?

Go to Groups in your menu, and at the top of the page you should see two tabs, 'My Groups' and 'All Groups' simply go to the All Groups tab to browse topic or location groups and star the ones you want to follow. To unfollow a group, simply click the star again. A pink star indicates that you're following that group.

How do I follow/unfollow a member?

Visit a member's profile and click the Follow button! Click it again to unfollow. Members are notified when they're followed, but not notified if you unfollow them. Following a member doesn't affect anything yet, but in future changes, may impact what you see in your Newsfeed.

Where can I find the GirlCrew guidelines?

You can find them here. If you feel someone has broken one of these, please report the post or person by clicking on the three dots next to their post, event, comment or profile. If you feel something needs to be added to or changed in our guidelines, please email

How do I report a member, post, event or comment?

Click the three little dots next to posts, events, comments, and on member profiles to access extra options, including reporting. Simply click the three dots, choose the report option and follow the steps prompted to you.

How do I block a member?

At present you can just follow, unfollow, or report, but we're adding the ability to block and/or block from your feed in the future.

I am unable to log in!

If you have entered your current password correctly, and/or are logging in with Facebook, there may be an issue or block with your account. If you think you may be typing your password wrong, you can try a password reset by clicking 'Forgot Password'. If you're logging in with Facebook and have your current password with them correct, you can try a password reset with them also. If your Facebook account has been blocked or deleted by Facebook temporarily or permanently, this may also cause issues with logging into GirlCrew with Facebook. If you do not have mobile data or wifi available, this may affect log in. If none of these issues are affecting your ability to log in, please email for support.

How do I change my password?

Simply go to and select the Forgot Password link. You'll be asked to submit your email address and you'll be sent a link to reset your password. If you normally log in with Facebook, you won't be asked for a password for GirlCrew. If you can't log in with Facebook because you've forgotten your password with them, you'll have to go through their Forgot Password link to regain access to your GirlCrew account. If you're already logged in and want to change it, just go to Edit Profile. Make sure to click Save Changes if you do it through your profile.

How to I change the email address attached to my account?

Just go to your own profile and click the edit button. It looks like a pencil. Here you can change your password, email, bio, and profile picture.

I can't remember what email I signed up with!

No worries, it might take us a little digging but we'll find you. Email and just let us know your full name, and location. We'll be able to send a reminder email to the email address you signed up with. If you signed up with Facebook, you should just choose to log in with this option each time.

I have forgotten my password

That's ok! Sometimes we forget our's too. Simply select the Forgot Password link. You'll be asked to submit your email address and you'll be sent a link to reset your password. If you normally log in with Facebook, you won't be asked for a password for GirlCrew. If you can't log in with Facebook because you've forgotten your password with them, you'll have to go through their Forgot Password link to regain access to your GirlCrew account.

How do I invite others to join GirlCrew?

Click Invite Friends from the top left menu in the app and then you can choose how you'd like to send the sign up invite to them.

I'm a man but I'd like to join.

Register your interest in a mixed option/mens' option by emailing

If my gender isn't as simple as just biologically male or female, can I join?

GirlCrew is for anyone identifying as a woman. We also welcome people who identify as gender fluid, and non binary who feel it's the right space for them. If that doesn't cover how you would describe your gender, or doesn't fully cover it, but you would like to use GirlCrew and feel it's the right fit for you, then sign on up, or get in touch with us if you'd like to chat through anything first. Our email is and our team are lovely.

How do I edit my profile?

Simply click on My Profile from the menu in the top left of the app. Then, on your profile, tap the pencil icon to make edits. When you're done, scroll to the end and click Save Changes.

I can't change my name on my profile

We encourage members to use their real names on GirlCrew because the focus is meeting up in real life and it's tough as a host to feel like you don't know who is coming along to your event. However, we understand there are reasons some people may not be safe or comfortable using their real name, in these cases we encourage people to use a version of their name for first/surname and with a first or last initial. If you just entered your name incorrectly at sign up and want to change it, email

How do I update my profile picture?

Navigate to My Profile through the menu in the top left of the app. Click on the pencil icon to edit it. Tap on the current photo to replace it with another one. On some device types you may need to turn your device sideways to see this option. When the pink loading bar has disappeared, scroll down and click Save Changes.

Can I hide my profile?

You can't currently hide a profile from other members of GirlCrew. However, we will be adding a block functionality in the future that will allow you to hide your profile from individual accounts. Your account is only ever visible to other verified GirlCrew members.

How do I send someone a message?

Go to the profile of the member you'd like to message and click on the envelope Msg icon on their profile. Or go to Msgs in the main menu, click Create Msg and type in the names of the person or people you'd like to message. If you'd like to message everyone in relation to an event, the quickest way is to just tap on Event Chat on the event!

What type of groups can I follow?

You can follow any groups, but we'd recommend keeping your follow list to cities you live in or visit frequently, or topics you're interested in. This helps keep your feed interesting and relevant. If you're travelling to a city for a limited amount of time, it's easy to follow for the duration of your visit or in the weeks coming up to your trip if you'd like to make plans with members or get some local info to prepare for your trip.

How do I unfollow a group?

Visit the Groups page, and click on the star to follow or unfollow. A pink star indicates you're following it.

Can other members see what groups I follow?

Yes. When a member visits your profile they can see the groups you follow.

Can I add other GirlCrew members to a group?

Nope, it's up to the individual to choose themselves. But you can advise they follow one if you think they'd love it!

How do I post in a group?

Go to a group, and click 'What's Happening?' Here you can post text, an image, or select the green calendar icon to post an event.

How do I post anonymously and how does it work?

Select 'Post Anonymously' on the What's Happening box before you hit Post. You can only post standard posts anonymously, Events can never be anonymous. Your name, profile etc are all hidden, and your comments on this post will also be anonymous. If a post is reported, site admins will be able to access member info for safety and security reasons.

How do I create an event in a group?

Click the 'What's happening?' bar at the top of the page, and click on the calendar icon to allow you to create an event type post. Easy as pie!

I limit how many people can attend an event?

This isn't possible but you can specify how many people there is room for in the info your write about the event when posting it.

How do I search for a particular post or event in a group?

At present, the search feature just works to find other members or groups, but we look forward to adding the option to look for specify keywords in posts in the future too. If you'd like to keep track of a post or save it, click on Tell a Friend option and you can then share the link to a note in your phone for safekeeping.

How do I edit posts or comments I've written?

Click on the 3 dots in the right of your post, comment or event and you can edit and save.

How do I delete a post, comment, event or image?

Click on the 3 dots in the right of your post/comment or event and it will allow you to delete it.

Can I hide posts I don't like on my feed?

Not at present, but you can report it if it's something you feel shouldn't have been posted. In the future we hope to add an option to block members from your feed, and show more posts from the members you follow.

Why was my post/photo deleted?

Your post, photo, event or account can be deleted/banned if it breaks any of our GirlCrew Guidelines, or our Terms & Conditions. You should review the Community Guidelines from the menu in the top left of the app.


The website is not loading correctly!

Uh Oh! Give it a moment and try it again. If the problem persists, check our social media to see if there's a problem we're aware of, or send an email to to let us know.

My browser doesn't support the GirlCrew site!

We support the majority of the most-used browsers in the cities where we have groups. The ones we currently support are:

I keep seeing an error message

You may be trying to access a post or event that has been deleted since the user posted it. If all other parts of the site are working for you, it's likely that this is the case. If it's not a post, event or comment, please notify us by emailing

How do I delete my account?

You can close your account by going to your profile, tap the pencil icon to edit, scroll down to the end of the screen and click Delete My Account. Deleting is permanent, so while you can rejoin, all messages, profile, followers, events, posts etc will be permanently deleted as soon as you confirm deleting here.

How do I reactivate my account?

You cannot reactivate an account but you are welcome to re-join. You will need to create the account, join groups etc from scratch even if you previously had an account.

I deleted by Facebook account, does that delete my GirlCrew account?

It may have disabled your ability to access your GirlCrew account and we can no longer guarantee you will have a way to log in. If you're thinking of deleting your Facebook, pop yes on an email and we can possibly prep your account to switch it to email log in instead. However, even if you haven't done this, you can try our Forgot Password option. If your account on our app has an email associated with it, a password will then be sent to you that should allow you to log in with that email and password. If this does not come through, email as we may be able to add an email to your account and let you then proceed with this option.

None of these answer my question!

No problem, just pop on an email to Please ensure your query is definitely not answered here before you contact the team directly though.