Community Guidelines

  1. Our principal guideline is that we all respect each other, and respect our differences, whether we agree or not. This applies to language, tone and behaviour online on the app, and at events.
  2. More info on how GirlCrew works can be found here.
  3. To report something you feel breaks our guidelines on the GirlCrew app, click on the three dots on posts, events or profiles. Reports can result in an immediate ban, temporary suspension or warning. 3 warnings will result in a ban from using the GirlCrew app.
  4. If you're not seeing any get-togethers or activities that you are interested in, or taking place at times that suit you, we suggest you post your one! GirlCrew is a community where all members are free to organise events provided they adhere to our guidelines.Please arrive in good time if you are hosting, and be sure to answer any questions commented on your event post.
  5. If a host or an attendee of an event has clicked ‘Going’, does not arrive and has not let you know in advance and in good time, that the event is cancelled, or that they cannot make it, please feel free to go to their profile and submit a report for this.
  6. Screenshots are not allowed to be taken and shared elsewhere and we reserve the right to remove members for breach of this. However, this is not something we can prevent or guarantee so please be cautious with sensitive or personal information.
  7. No Not-Suitable-For-Work (NSFW) pictures/screenshots. No screenshots or other sharing of private personal private information related to anyone other than yourself.
  8. Posting to promote your business or anything you stand to gain from financially either directly or indirectly is prohibited without a Business Account. This includes blogs, YouTube channels and social media accounts. It includes free offers, discounts, taster sessions. It also includes charity fundraising that hasn't received approval in advance from It includes private messaging group members for the purpose of sales/promotion/recruitment. Please report posts of this nature by clicking the three dots on any post, event, comment or profile. Approved Business Accounts are allowed 4 promotional posts/events per month, and are denoted with a blue badge with checkmark, next to the account name. To get in touch about a Business Account or other advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please email
  9. Promoting or sharing other groups, be they Whatsapp, Meetup, Facebook or others, is prohibited. Threads to start groups are prohibited.
  10. Medical queries and some other professional areas, such as legal advice queries are prohibited. While we understand that anecdotal input can be a great support, we recommend you speak to your GP or relevant qualified professional. GirlCrew accepts no responsibility for advice given by lay people or professionals in their field whether that be medical or legal, including advice arising from interactions within or stemming from GirlCrew. The exception to this rule is you are entitled to post asking for advice or recommendations on a good GP/professional to go to.
  11. GirlCrew reserves the right to use photos taken at GirlCrew events and shared on our app or within our groups. If you don't want an image containing you to be used, please step out of the photo or ask the photographer not to share the photo within our groups/event pages or tag us on Twitter/Instagram. We attempt to credit photos by users whenever we can. If a photo of you has been taken and used without your knowledge and you want to request it be removed from anywhere public, please email
  12. GirlCrew reserves the right to move members' posts to a group deemed more relevant based on the content or purpose of the post.

These guidelines are subject to change and use of GirlCrew will be taken as confirmation of your acceptance of these group guidelines.

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