About GirlCrew

The GirlCrew Story

GirlCrew is a platform for groups of women to meet up locally, whenever it suits them and for whatever adventures they want to go on. Not keen on going to a concert solo? Find your crew with us. Want to book a vacation and your friends have already taken theirs? Find a group of awesome girls to travel with here. Whatever you can dream up, you can do with the crew.

How Did it Start?

One Friday night, GirlCrew founder Elva Carri was at home and really wanted to go dancing, but had no one to go with, everyone was busy or tired. Knowing there had to be at least a few of other girls in the same position, she popped up a call out for some platonic dancing buddies on Tinder.

She had no idea that within 24 hours she would have over 100 very enthusiastic matches and a suddenly jam-packed social calendar! She added everyone to a secret Facebook group in Dublin, where she was based, and from there, GirlCrew just kept on growing.

The GirlCrew Founding Team

GirlCrew is run by a team of amazing people including you! You look after the events after all.

Elva Carri, Co-CEO.

Before starting GirlCrew, Elva studied fine art, worked with street artists in Melbourne and ate a lot of great Italian food in the various restaurants she worked in. She transitioned into the digital marketing world in Dublin and went on to start her own ecommerce and digitial marketing businesses. She loves tea, big chats, space and dinosaurs!

Pamela Newenham, Co-CEO.

After studying law, Pamela went on to work in journalism, quickly building up a name for herself within the Irish Times and winning Technology Journalist of the Year. As well as her in depth knowledge of technology and business, Pamela has start up and leadership experience having founded Ireland’s first student TV station.

The GirlCrew team

Áine Mulloy, CMO.

Áine completed an M.A. in Literature and Publishing before moving to Dublin to work with events and publishing companies. She’s such a go getter she completed a post-grad in digital marketing at the same time.